“CRITIC’S PICK! See Babette’s Feast. A lush theatrical celebration of generosity and communal hearing.” – NEW YORK MAGAZINE


“Earthly delights await! Those familiar with the Oscar-winning Danish film will be able to conjure up visions of blini with caviar and rum sponge cake. There is a certain elegance to Ms. Coonrod’s decision to let audience members flex their imaginations, and the purity of intention matches the story’s setting in an austere Nordic hamlet. The Feast is about destiny and art, and the joy of living in the now rather than sacrificing for the hereafter.” THE NEW YORK TIMES 


“A textually faithful script by Rose Courtney and a vigorous production by director Karin Coonrod. Coonrod charts a radically different course in her production, with presentational ensemble acting reminiscent of commedia dell’arte… (Michelle) Hurst plays Babette with the right amount of furtive emotion and unflappable dignity. Hurst tells this story with quiet humanity.” – THEATERMANIA


“Compelling and quietly hypnotic. This creation is both beautifully intimate and compellingly open. Here against the backdrop of nothing and everything, the famously spiritual tale of charity, generosity, and gratefulness plays out as simply as the pious Pietistic conventicle does in their vigorous Christian existence day-to-day. The direction and the choreography of movement is precise and dramatic, keeping us forever engaged and aware of every shuffle and aroma that exists in the flavor of this small town. This play is a tour de force of stylistic intentions and performances as delicious and flavorful as the meal we imagine they are served. This creation needs to be savored like the grand and gloriously compassionate meal that it is, served with love and care, sharing in the gift of theatre and performance, for all to take in. We must bow our heads, for these wonders. Because for these precious few moments of simple pleasure, we should be eternally thankful.”  TIMES SQUARE CHRONICLES


“Religion, artistry, politics, opera, romance, and, most distinctively, culinary achievement are among the many delicious ingredients in Babette’s Feast. While some may come away moved, others will remember the production mainly for the tang of its presentation. Either way, there’s much to be digested from this hour and a half of artistically tasteful gastro-drama.” THEATER PIZZAZZ


“This imaginative, stylized dramatization of Babette’s Feastis rather magical. Director Karin Coonrod does a splendid job choreographing movement and sound that illuminates the story and sustains atmosphere. Hurst’s portrayal is proud, dignified, determined, and practical; a solid characterization.” WOMAN AROUND TOWN


“TOP PICK! An exquisite and tasteful staging of the New York premiere of Babette’s Feast serves up this week’s Easter message of love and grace.The message, based on a short story by Isak Dinesen, is moving and poignant without getting preachy. It’s one of the best sermons you can experience for Easter this week. And this story, originally published in 1950, seems relevant in the midst of current cultural wars about immigration. Babette serves up some spiritual delights at the Theatre at Saint Clement’s.” REFLECTIONS IN THE LIGHT


“Babette’s Feast demonstrates the power of art, grace, and selfless generosity to unite a community riven by petty differences, personal slights, and emotional scars. Employing a range of story-theatre techniques and hewing closely to Isak Dinesen’s short story from 1950, the production offers a gentle reminder of a shared humanity in our own trying times.there is much to savor from the performances under Karin Coonrod’s resourceful and often highly inventive direction. As the sisters, (Abigail) Killeen and (Juliana Francis) Kelly, are a lovely pair, and they exude strength and dignity. (Michelle) Hurst’s Babette is a formidable and fascinating creation. Art, as Babette shows by example, manifests itself in myriad ways, and, however it is consumed, the results can be spiritually transformative.”  TALKIN’ BROADWAY


“A glorious production fit for the new millennium! A powerful, delightful story of our shared humanity.”   The Portland Press Herald



“Babette’s Feast awakens the senses! Karin Coonrod directs a masterpiece of ensemble work. Every element of both performance and design feels precisely, tenderly conceived, in a rapturous production that exudes warmth, grace, and a sense of fellowship.” The Portland Phoenix