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Jennifer Carolyn King & Timothy Fredel (Rugged Elegance Foundation): 

Babette’s Feast was first brought to life in Portland, Maine by the Rugged Elegance Foundation whose mission is to inspire healthy, adventuresome, soulful living.  When the King Fredels meet people like Abigail Killeen who inspire all three, we call this ‘h.a.s. magic.’  We hope you are so inspired by this grace-filled story that you go home and host a dinner where “the others” (the immigrant, the refugee, the Dreamer, the LGBTQ, the transgender) in your community are invited to the table.  Together, may we inspire greater empathy, compassion, h.a.s. magic in our world!  Here’s to #hasmagicliving and #artinspiringaction

The Cook Trust: 

exists to efficiently steward relationships, resources and opportunities for the benefit of the global community.

The Gardner Family: 

seeks to faithfully invest in great people and the common good. Alongside of The Motley Fool (www.fool.com) and Kardia Creative (www.kardiacreative.com), we support whimsical, entrepreneurial endeavors that promote the right type of Foolishness in art, church, business, culture, and community. Excelsior!

Scott & Kerry Hadenblag (Redemptive Ventures LLC): 

are serial social entrepreneurs. They have helped start and lead numerous charities and social ventures over the last 20 years, primarily focused on child welfare. Redemptive Ventures is an investment company that stewards financial capital into culture shaping spaces and impact investments that have transformative and redemptive qualities.

Demi& Dave Kiersznowski (Common Good LLC): 

are the founders and owners of DEMDACO, a Kansas City based gift company, and red rock traditions, a social selling company focused on strengthening family relationships. They are philanthropically involved in organizations that pursue the study and care of culture, as well as organizations that care for those in need.